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What are your ambitions and goals to expand your business and reach the Spanish speaking audiences? 27 LETRAS proudly provides you all the support you need if your goal is to reach the Central and South American audience, as well as the vast Hispanic community in the United States. We also understand the importance of your expectations and needs to be met seamlessly. When several contacts are involved in one project,
we know your information could get lost.
It is frustrating to find out the result is not what you've expected! 

With our substantial experience as former Project Managers and Marketing Assistant, you are getting the opportunity to contact us directly -the real freelance translator and editor. Yes, there is none else involved, and you will be connecting just with us! We will also guide you through any concerns or questions and how we can help you better. Reach out to us if you want to give yourself a chance for excellence to impact your business positively!

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